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(In conformity with Italian D. Lgs. No. 196/2003 that adopts European Community Directive no. 95/46/EC concerning personal data protection, and Directive no. 2002/58/EC concerning electronic personal data protection).

Personal data processing:
According to art. 13 comma 4 of Privacy Code, D. Lgs. no. 196/2003, your electronic mail data, deliberately provided by you at registration time or during previous business relationships, may be used to send communications or ads, or for direct selling. Our company, Meet and Work s.r.l., P.zza del Sole e della Pace, 5 - Abano Terme 35031 (PD) Italy, will be entitled to data processing and Meet and Work s.r.l. Marketing Dept. will store your personal data only for the purposes listed above.

Mode and security of personal data processing:
Your personal data will be processed with information systems taking all reasonable IT precautions, in conformity with the law, to keep your personal data secure against unauthorized access, use and misuse.
It is impossible to remain anonymous while browsing the Internet. The transmission of your personal data to the website www.meetandwork.com (and to other group´s domains) occurs, therefore, always under your own responsibility.
Registration to Meet and Work s.r.l. website services shall not be performed using other people´s email data. Meet and Work s.r.l. is strongly opposed to any form of people´s privacy infringement, therefore it is illegal to register yourself on our website using other people´s personal data.

Communication of personal data:
To visit www.meetandwork.com website, it is not necessary to communicate your personal data; Meet and Work s.r.l.´s website contents (and other Meet and Work s.r.l. group´s domains) are accessible to everybody, except for advanced services which are reserved to registered users. Registration to the reserved area implies consent to your personal data processing. Your sensitive data will not be collected or stored (health, religion, and so on).

Edit / Update personal data:
Users can refuse the consent to their data processing at any time, by sending an email to the following email address: , or a fax to the number +39 049 8602389, and can exercise their rights in conformity with art. 7 of D. Lgs. no. 196/2003 (data access, edit, update, deletion).

Cookies information

www.meetandwork.com website (and other Meet and Work s.r.l. group domains) does not use permanent cookies.
The cookies used are temporary-session ones (they will be erased at the end of the session), and are functional to Meet and Work s.r.l. website operation, highly improving website browsing.
Websites hyperlinked with Meet and Work s.r.l.´s website may contain tracing systems that Meet and Work s.r.l. is not aware of.

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